Tuesday, July 19, 2011


I'm finally getting around to posting about our newest addition...Lexi!  She was born July 5th at 3:50 pm.  I am going to write about the labor and delivery just so I have a record of it, so feel free to skip all the fun details :) 

We arrived at the hospital at around 7:15, got checked in and finally got things started a little after 8:00.  Things went great...we were a little bored because we had planned on watching Netflix on our laptop, but the internet connection at the hospital was so slow it was really annoying to watch!  Luckily, Jason's sister dropped off her DVDs to us so we had something to watch!

Things were going great...I got an epidural when I was dilated to a 3, almost a 4, and that was great...except for the fact that the baby's heart rate dropped quite a bit along with my blood pressure.  My blood pressure is always pretty low, but the nurse came in and said she's seen cancer patients that are about to die with higher blood pressure than mine...it was like 70/54, but I felt great so they weren't worried about it and they got the baby's heart rate back up quickly and everything was great! 

About an hour and a half later I was dilated to a 5 and was a little disappointed because I felt like it was taking forever!  I was hoping to have her by 2:30, but I didn't :(  About a half hour after I was told I was a 5, I felt a lot of pressure and sure enough I was a 10 and ready to push!  The nurse paged the doctor and it took him what felt like FOREVER to get there!  Jason says it was like 5-7 minutes, but it felt like 15 and his office is literally just down the hall...come to find out, he was helping a nurse push a bed down the hall...seriously!  After two pushes Lexi entered the world weighing 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long.  The first thing the doctor said was, "She's really long!" and she does seem really long! 

She cried once, then was so exhausted she didn't cry much after that!  Jason told me when they gave her her shot after her bath in the nursery, she did the same thing, cried once and that was it!  When Jason was in the nursery with her, giving her a bath, he finally chose a name.  If you don't know, we hadn't decided on a name yet...it was between Lexi and Bree...I liked Bree and Jason liked Lexi.  I didn't hate Lexi, just liked Bree a little bit more!  But I told Jason a couple weeks before we literally drew a name our of a hat and decided that's what it would be...it was Lexi, I was totally fine with that.  Then a couple days later Jason said he wasn't too sure, so I told him he had to choose and that I didn't care.  Well, when Jason brought her back from the nursery, the name tag on her bed said Bree...I was a little surprised.  Well, the next day Jason decided he didn't really like Bree after he saw it written out, so I told him he had to decide by the time we checked out of the hospital the next morning.  He came that morning and decided it was Lexi...I was just happy we finally decided :)  

Here are a ton of pictures of our sweet, precious little girl!  She's an awesome baby!  Hopefully she'll survive life with three older siblings always "helping" mom!

If most of this post didn't make a lot of sense, it's because I'm tired :)

Thursday, June 16, 2011

What we've been up to...the last six months!

Building forts out of toilet paper and toy bins...what else is there to do in January!
 It's been a while since I've posted anything...I can't seem to find motivation to much more than keeping my kids alive, my house clean, and growing a baby coming in four weeks!  Here is what we've been up to the last six months...in a nutshell!
Brynn started dance in February and loves it!  I think she look adorable!

We visited the aquarium for a preschool field trip in February.  The kids liked it...well Jaxon and Jordan thought it was great...Brynn was scared of everything, even the penguins...crazy girl!

Visited the dentist in February.  The kids did great...it was Jordan's first visit and he  loved it.  It was Brynn's fourth or fifth visit and I still had to hold her down so they could do their job...stinker!  No cavities for any of the kids...although Brynn has two extra teeth that will have to be pulled in a couple of years...not an easy procedure either...they have to put her out, cut her gums, and pull the teeth...sounds like fun, huh?

We went to Discovery Gateway and the kids had a great time...Jordan loved everything...the balls, the water, the pretend store and garden...pretty much everything!

Jaxon loved the balls and the store...he spent most of his time at the pretend store.

Brynn was scared of the horse at first, but she warmed up after a while and didn't want to get off!

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

What Will 2011 Bring?

It's always fun at the beginning of a new year to think what is going to happen throughout the year.  Here are a few things I can think of right off the top of my head...

  • Jaxon will start Kindergarten this year...technically, he could have started last year, but I held him back since his birthday is in July, so he would be the oldest and not the youngest in his grade...hopefully it was the right decision :)  I think he will LOVE Kindergarten and he will do great!
  • Jordan will be (or better) be potty trained this year!  I hate potty training...HATE it...but I am so excited for him to be potty trained...I am shooting for starting around May, if he's ready...cross you fingers!
  • Brynn will start her second year of preschool and she can't wait!  She loves school and asks everyday if it's a school day.  She's a quick learner...knows all of her alphabet and letter sounds and can count to 20 and recognize numbers up to 10...she's cute!
  • Jason and I are going on a Disney Cruise (yes that's right, we are leaving the kids home to go on a Disney Cruise...nice parents, right?) in October.  Our first trip sans kids since we went on our last cruise in January 2007...needless to say we are super excited!
  • Jaxon will turn 6 in July, Brynn will turn 4 in April and Jordan will turn 3 in November...how did my kids get so old?!
  • Jason and I will celebrate our 9th anniversary in March...seriously, we've been married 9 years...it seems like just yesterday...really it does!
  • We will become a family of 6 in July...that's right...the newest member of the Greensides family is coming in July and we couldn't be happier!  It will make July a crazy busy month with three birthdays, but it will be great!  We find out the gender in two weeks and  I will be happy with either!  
I'm sure I left out many fun things that are going to happen this year,l but it sounds like a fun, exciting, and busy year doesn't it?  Hopefully we can make it! Bring on 2011!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Christmas 2010

Christmas this year was super fun...my kids were really into it and that made it really fun!  It was a little bit different this year though...my parents usually come up and we do a big Christmas Eve dinner at our house then they are there in the morning to watch the kids open presents.  Well, because of the time my dad took off to go to Disneyland, he wasn't able to get enough time off to come up for Christmas :(  We were bummed, but understood, so we were going to do something with my sister and her family, but they were all sick...and we didn't want to get sick...not my idea of fun!  So, we spent Christmas Eve with Jason's family...which was fun too.  We went and saw Tangled (super cute!) then went to Jason's parents house and ate dinner, played games, the kids opened one gift each, then headed home and waited for Santa!

Christmas morning was fun and exciting...Jason and I were both very tired because we had wrapped the night before, then Jordan was up until 2 because he wasn't feeling well...but at least the kids slept in until around 7:30...that was nice.  The kids had a great time opening their presents and discovering they must have been on the nice list!

We spent all morning breaking toys out of the impossible to open boxes and putting the toys together.  Then at around 1, we headed over to Jason's parents house to continue our Christmas celebration with dinner, presents and visiting.  It was super fun!

We missed having my parents over for Christmas, but still had a great Christmas overall...enjoy the pictures!
Decorating cookies for Santa

Opening one present on Christmas Eve...the cousins got pajamas, but my kids have SO many pajamas, I decided to get them a little toy instead...they were a hit!

Breaking into the stockings...this year we put the tree downstairs, but the stockings were still upstairs...it was actually kind of fun that way!

This year we had the kids take turn opening presents...it actually worked quite well, they were all very patient, much to my surprise!

Brynn loves her My Little Pony house!

I am not sure how Santa knew Jaxon wanted Wheezy that he saw at Disneyland...he must be one smart man!

Waiting to open their presents from Grandma & Grandpa...Jordan was taking a nap...he wasn't feeling very well :(

All the grand kids got Pillow Pets...they were so excited!  Brynn got a ladybug, Jaxon got a lion and Jordan got a penguin. 

They look pretty happy with their new presents huh?


Warning...lots of rambling and lots of pictures...I warned you!

We went to Disneyland for the second time this year...we had gone in late January/early February and had a great time.  My parents decided for Christmas they would take us and my sister and her family to Disneyland...we thought it was a fantastic idea!  We decided to make it a little longer trip and go three days earlier and we're really glad we did! 

We got there on December 15th and had a great time...the weather was decent...a little chilly, but nice.  The kids were so excited to finally be at Disneyland after talking about it for weeks!  We took it easy and just went on whatever rides the kids wanted to go on.  We stayed until about 9 that evening and the kids were exhausted (and so were we!).  As we were walking back to our car it started to rain...a sign of what awaited us for the rest of the trip!

The next day we headed back and had a great day doing pretty much whatever we want...I think we are a lot different than most people that go to Disneyland...we usually go for 4-6 days...it's nice because we don't feel like we have to rush to make sure we get on all the rides we want to...we just take it easy and enjoy instead of rushing all the time...I wouldn't do it any other way :)  Anyway...again we had good weather and a ton of fun and stayed until around 9 again.

The next day when we left for Disneyland it was raining...and it didn't stop for the next four days...seriously...ok it stopped for like 2 hours the last day we were there, but that was it!  We went on a few rides then spent a good amount of time inside Innoventions in Tomorrowland.  It was nice because it was inside and Jason and Jaxon really liked it because they had xbox's to play!  We seriously spent three hours there hoping for the rain to let up...well it didn't.  We went on a few more rides then called it a day at around 4...so not like us!

The 18th was the day everyone else was going to arrive at Disneyland...so we headed to Disneyland...in the rain again.  This time we were smart enough to get some of those lovely ponchos...best investment of the trip!  The kids looked so cute...Jordan looked like ET when we walked in his poncho...so cute!  We spent of lot of time inside the Animation Studios in California Adventure...which actually turned out perfectly because that's where the characters are when it's raining outside!  We were excited to when my parents and my sister and her family arrived and we braved to rain to go on whatever rides we could.

The next two days were fun, but at the same time kind of miserable...we were sick of the rain and it just got worse and more windy which made the rain almost unbearable.  But we braved it and had fun anyway!  Jaxon's favorite rides were Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror and Splash Mountain.  Brynn HATED Pirates and loved Small World and meeting the princesses.  Jordan liked pretty much everything...he's easy to please...sometimes!

Thanks mom and dad for such a great trip...even if it was very soggy...it was lots of fun being with my family...all of them!  For the record...California hadn't seen that much rain in 10 years...just our luck!  On the drive home, it rained the ENTIRE time...there was about 15 miles in Cedar City where it wasn't raining, but that was it...crazy! 
We saw the Weinermobile in the parking lot of our hotel and had to get a picture!

Neither Jordan nor Brynn were too sure about standing next to Goofy.

I'm pretty sure Brynn is trying to run away in this picture because she didn't want to be by Mickey...which is odd because she loved Minnie!

Jaxon was none too please that he had to take a picture with Minnie...she is a girl after all!  When did this start?

He's super excited to go on Big Thunder Mountain!

Cotton candy...I hate the stuff, but the kids love it!

Maps...my kids were crazy about the maps for Disneyland and California Adventure...seriously, I was hoping we could get away with getting those as souvenirs instead of the ridiculously priced toys in Disneyland, but no such luck!

Brynn driving in Autopia..doesn't she look cute in her hat? Thanks mom for the hat and gloves.

Look how happy everyone is...this is before the rain started.

Then the rain came...

I don't know why this picture turned out so bad...oh well!  Jaxon again, was not happy to have to take a picture with a girl.  Jordan was taking a nap in the stroller at this point...this is while we were seeking refuge in the Animation Studio.

Jaxon had no problem posing with Woody though...Brynn on the other hand wanted nothing to do with him!

She did however, love Minnie!

She wasn't so sure about Pluto though...hence the reason I am in the picture!

This is what Jordan did while Jaxon and Brynn met the characters.

Goofy..again, Brynn didn't want anything to do with him, but Jaxon did!

Brynn's no so sure of Donald either...I guess she really only likes Minnie and Jesse.

What we wore basically nonstop for three days while at Disneyland.  If you ever go to Disneyland and buy ponchos...just a little tip...if they get ripped or damaged at all...they will replace them for free.  I think we went through two per kid...Disney is great about that kind of stuff.

The stroller even had it's own poncho too!

Jordan and Grandpa...on the second day, we finally convinced the rest of the group to give in and buy ponchos and quit carrying around the umbrellas...I think they were very glad they listened to us!

All I have to say is thank goodness for hats...otherwise there's no telling what my hair would've looked like!

Handsome boys!

All tuckered out!  Yes, this is a double stroller, but we can turn it into a triple one pretty easily :)

Jaxon in his daddy's hat...very handsome!

Brynn loved seeing the princesses...she was in heaven talking to them!